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Interview with Eddy Nigg

From the interview with Eddy Nigg, found of StartCom:

In the past digital certificates for web site encryption and identification, or the signing of email, documents and programs were perceived to be too expensive, in order to be used by the vast majority of the Internet community. This perception is probably justified as a digital certificate may have cost a web site operator anywhere from 50-1500 US dollars, depending on the verification level which was performed. The certification industry has simply not kept up with the increasing popularity of the Internet and left many, many web sites, mail server and other online services unsecured and vulnerable, due to their inability to adjust with the trends. The failure to make digital certificates highly and easily available to the masses and the failure to educate the masses about its usage has left a huge void which was filled more and more by fraudulent elements, interception of communication, invasion of privacy and identity theft.

By changing the priorities and by applying a completly different business model, StartCom intends to change the current realities by making digital certification highly available and as easy to use as possible.

Read the the full interview here

A Small Revolution

Michael Fritz wrote this excellent article in German how to obtain and install a server certificate from StartCom:

Seit 23. September deutet sich jedoch eine kleine Revolution an. Das israelische Start-up Unternehmen “StartCom”, welches eine Zertifizierungsstelle betreibt – und kostenfreie Zertifikate anbietet -  wurde in die vertrauenswürdigen Stammzertifizierungsstellen des Windows Zertifikatsspeichers aufgenommen. Damit auch in den Internet Explorer und alle anderen Microsoft Applikationen, die den Windows Zertifikatsspeicher nutzen. StartCom bietet unter der Marke StartSSL kostenpflichtige und kostenfreie Zertifikate für unterschiedliche Zwecke an.

Internet Explorer supports free certificates

Heise announced in this article support of StartCom certificates by Internet Explorer:

With its last update, Microsoft has added StartCom to the pre-installed root certificates in its operating system. As a result, Microsoft products (such as Internet Explorer) now accept certificates issued by StartCom without prompting the user or requiring any special configurations for the certificates. Third-party programs that use the operating system’s certificate memory will also accept the certificates without asking further questions.–/news/114332

Microsoft Application Support StartCom SSL Certificates

In a press release StartCom announced today that digital certificates issued by the StartCom Certification Authority are now fully trusted and legitimate in Microsoft applications such as Internet Explorer and Office/Outlook. Microsoft recently enabled this support by adding StartCom to its Root Certificate Program in an updated list of trusted root certificates distributed worldwide to users of Microsoft applications. Microsoft has also enabled the new Extended Validation certificates issued by StartCom, which provide a unique indicator in modern browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Read the press release here.

StartCom announces Internet Explorer support

The head of the StartCom CA announces support by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer at his blog:

I’m today extremely pleased to announce the upcoming default support of the StartCom Authority by Microsoft. Starting approximately the 22nd of September, Microsoft intends to distribute a non-security update package to the Windows operating systems which includes the trusted StartCom root certificate and the automatic root certificate update service will update the cryptographic certificates root store on those systems whenever a StartCom issued certificate is encountered.

StartCom is the only public certification authority providing low-assurance digital certificates for free. Read the full article here.